Have you ever parked like this?

Oh… you have? Yea… you’re an entitled driver. Actually, you’re probably just entitled in all aspects of your life. This is not okay for a few reasons.

  1. You’re not more important than anyone else.
  2. This actually makes it really challenging for an actual parking spot to be used.
  3. Your car isn’t as nice as you think it is.

Again, the whole point of this site is to educate individuals. First, educate those who don’t know how to drive so they don’t make the same mistakes we highlight. Second, bring attention to those who do this and make them feel like the not-so-great┬ápeople they are so they don’t do it anymore.

Maybe, they’ll even apologize if we’re lucky. This is not okay… ever, and I haven’t even brought up the context. This spot isn’t close to the front door, so it’s not for access, if they were disabled or impaired. This is at the gym and no place that requires any kind of emergency parking situation, which if it was… see the reason above.



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