How to Make a Left Turn

Really? Really. Seriously? Seriously. You’re joking, right? No, but I wish that I was.

I know, it’s challenging. The task is so daunting that you might even be willing to take a few extra minutes and make three rights to get to the same place. Here’s the thing, in LA at least… it’s more than socially acceptable to make that left turn when the light is red.

There’s this unspoken rule of the road here where at least two cars run the red light and then you, who are already patiently waiting in the intersection, turn left through the red light. And then the person behind you, well, they also turn left. Traffic waits and the process repeats itself millions of times in LA.

That’s really all there is to it. You see, there are no breaks in traffic. You enter the intersection as soon as the light turns green, but unless you have a signal, you know that you’re not getting out of the intersection until the light is red. And that’s totally fine. We don’t mind!

All you need to do is continue to pay attention so both you and the car behind you make it through. And you want the car behind you to make it through. Why? I’m glad you asked… simply because they’re your cushion. You’re not going to get pulled over for running a red light because their offense was far worse. BUT, neither one of you are getting pulled over because this is totally acceptable driving here.

To make the left turn, turn your head slightly left, turn the wheel slightly left, press on the accelerator, and you’re turning left. Simple! Okay, thanks, bye!


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