Beverly Hills Cab Co Review

Well, to be fair, this isn’t exactly a full review of their services. While I have communicated with them in the past, trying to set up rides for elderly clients that came to my facility, I’ve never been in one of their cabs. With that being said, the other day, one of their cabs was almost inside my car!

The original title of this article was, “If I Didn’t Stop, They Would Have Hit Me.” That is the reality that people face every day when they’re dealing with drivers that don’t pay attention on the road. Please notice that I didn’t say “bad drivers” because that is a little too subjective and much harder to define. This guy isn’t automatically a bad driver because he would have hit me.

I can, however, say for certain that this “professional driver” was not paying attention and was about to drive straight into my passenger side if I hadn’t slammed on the breaks and taken Star Trek caliber evasive maneuvers. Now, if I was on my phone like 9/10 drivers in Los Angeles, my car would probably be in the mechanic’s shop today.

Fortunately, I was paying attention and as a result, we’re all a lot better off for it… at least superficially. I can avoid wasting time going to the mechanic. His passenger can avoid going to the chiropractor. He can keep his job. Imagine that I wasn’t paying attention, though, and the impact of that much different outcome.

Remember folks, driving safely is about knowing where you’re going and setting yourself up for success by making the most out of the roads that you’re driving on. If you’re planning on making a left, don’t wait until the last second to recklessly move over two or three lanes. Just get in that left lane as soon as possible… especially when you’re a professional driver.


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