Can I Park on the Sidewalk?

Maybe, just maybe… if you live in the middle of nowhere. How about in the middle of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California? No, I don’t think that is such a good idea. Not only are you breaking the law; you’re also being a total jerk. Well, you’re being incredibly selfish, but one look at this guy and you wouldn’t be surprised. His whole life is about him.

Funny enough, in LA, as of June 2017, it is legal to park in what we refer to as parkways. Now, East coasters know as parkways as a form of a highway, but that tiny strip of grass that you see in the picture, is the parkway. Essentially, a parkway is the land in between the sidewalk and the curb.

Things get a little messy in concrete jungles like Koreatown, where it is hard to tell where the sidewalk starts or stops, but despite this, the city has been drafting laws to prevent any kind of stopping or standing in this area.

But where this guy parked isn’t even the parkway; he is simply blocking the sidewalk. Porsche-dude couldn’t afford to spend an extra 30 seconds finding a legal parking spot and walking to this house, so as a result, he decided to make dozens of people’s lives a little bit harder.

Again, though, when you look at this guy and his car… you’re not surprised. Don’t be like this guy, ever. Don’t block the sidewalk.


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