How to Pump Your Own Gas

Let’s keep this short and get right to the point. I’m not going to give you all the tips on how to pump gas because you really need to master everything one step at a time. We’ll start with the most basic part, which comes as soon as you arrive at the station.

Pull next to a pump like the considerate and mindful human being that you should be. This woman was not being a good person this day. As you can see, she has clearly parked her truck poorly. She is blocking two pumps with one car.

Not okay.

As you can see, this SUV is perfectly parked so that another car can use the pump behind it.

What you should do.

Don’t be an idiot or a jerk when getting gas. No one wants to go pump gas at the station so don’t make their experience any worse because you’re an idiot like this woman.



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