How To Become a Delivery Driver

Step 1. Be an extremely reckless and/or selfish driver.

Step 2. Repeat Step 1.

First of all, I apologize if you clicked on this title hoping to find some really great tips on securing a job as a delivery driver. If you want those, here they are:

  1. Check Craigslist for Delivery Driver jobs
  2. Send them a legitimate resume, cover letter, and proof of your valid license/car
  3. Follow up with them until they hire you.

It’s really that simple and I was once a delivery driver, nearly 10 years ago, for a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey.

But seriously, what is going on in your mind while you’re working and showing that you don’t care about what you’re doing? This is like someone working at Best Buy, just playing video games all day. Someone working at Verizon, sitting on their phone playing Candy Crush.

When you’re out in public, in a vehicle that is branded by a company, you’re representing that company. It’s extremely easy for someone to make a connection between that vehicle, the company, and eventually… you.

If you’re a delivery driver being reckless, selfish, and breaking laws while driving on the road, whether you make the delivery in time or not, you might have something way more serious to deal with as a result of your actions.

Don’t assume people are going to ignore it. (Proof right here) People love to call people out for the mistakes they make. (I get called out all the time) Just be a little bit (or a lot) more aware, especially when you’re driving.


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