A License to Operate

DR DR. Not just DR DR. 1 DR DR. He had to let you know that he is number one because he’s so insecure. Seriously, why does everyone with DR on their license plate suck at driving? Warning: If you see someone with anything DR on their license plate, get the hell away from them.

Even though this guy has a car that retails from $53k and pays for custom plates, he can’t afford to fix his right rear brake-light? Valvoline drive-thru would take care of that for $40. The reason I’m concerned is that your right indicator must be out as well since you didn’t use it to turn right, and then turn right again.

As a result of your sporadic driving and fail to indicate I almost rear ended you. That would have cost me a ton of money so I’d much rather pay for the repair to save someone else bills that they can’t, but you most certainly can, afford. I hope you’re not a surgeon. I hope you’re not doctor actually, although you probably are since we were right outside of a hospital.

Maybe you’re an actor playing a doctor? That would make sense since we’re in LA. You must be struggling on the novellas and trying to really get into character. You’re doing a great job. I just don’t think you should have a license to operate… a vehicle. You must have been pulling a long shift and falling asleep as the wheel. Take care of yourself doc.


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