Wiper Fluid Doesn’t Taste Good

The man in this white truck has nothing to be ashamed of right now. He was far from unkempt and his car was fully operational. It was a beautiful Lincoln truck that he drove without any execution errors. It was responsible driving through and through from lane changes, to speed, to paying attention to the road.

Unfortunately, he made one mistake that no one could have ever really seen coming. He served me a fresh order of wiper fluid, right in my mouth. When you have a massive car like this, it basically uses a jet engine to get wiper fluid all over the windshield. Add a nice ocean breeze to the equation and you’re cleaning the windows of everyone around you too.

You’re also apparently cleaning the faces and inner organs of some people as well. The point to take home here is that there is always room for improvement. Don’t just think about driving your vehicle as efficiently as possible for you and your vehicle, think of every implication it might have on everyone else on the road.

Yes, you did a great job but now it’s time to consider the changes you’d have to make in order to do a great job. Don’t feed other people wiper fluid. It’s not our fault that we can’t afford to keep the windows closed and use air-conditioning in this ridiculous heatwave. Thanks for the drink.


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