Daredevil on the Road

Hi, my name is Matt Murdock and I’m a superhero. You know what that is, right? A fictional character with ridiculous abilities so I can jump from building to building and fight twenty criminals at once. I might be blind but I can drive a car no problem because I have other senses that are enhanced as a result of my blindness.

The problem with our “Daredevil” is that he doesn’t have superhuman abilities and he isn’t a superhero. He’s completely non-fictional and his senses are probably diminished as a result of his constant use of headphones and staring at a tiny screen. He’s probably thinking that he can drive without his sense of sight or sound, but he can’t… at least, he can’t do it well. You were driving horribly and that’s why I took a picture of your face.

Rather, I tried to take a picture of your face but it didn’t come out clear because you’re wearing sunglasses. It was sunny out so I appreciate your effort to protect your eyes from UV rays, but what’s the point if you’re only going to stare at a screen a few inches away from your face… while driving.

Seriously, I just want to stop here. Texting while you’re driving is bad enough. Reading your phone is even worse. Now let’s add earbuds to the mix and completely give up on any effort of being a responsible human being on the road. This guy just sucks. He’s like Daredevil in Old Man Logan. You’re laughing right now if you know what I’m talking about. Everyone else, you get the idea. Don’t be an idiot; don’t be like this guy.


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