What are these lines on the road?

Seriously? There are all kinds of weird lines on the road and I don’t know why they’re there. I need to get to my hair dresser at 2 pm and I’m going through anything in between my car and that parking spot on Beverly Hills, so you can be damn sure that some flat lines on the road won’t stop me.

There are white and yellow lines, solid and broken lines, single and double lines… all kinds of lines. They all mean the same thing, right? I can just drive over them no matter what the situation is. That’s what “Mew” was thinking on this nice summer day. A bike lane and turn right only lane didn’t stop Mew from taking a sharp right out of their lane of traffic.

The sad thing was, we all knew this was coming. Mew had been driving like a person with dementia for a solid mile before pulling this beautiful move. No indicators, cutting people off, going well under the speed limit with open road… it was magnificent. Mew didn’t have time to plan where she was going. Mew couldn’t think about being in the correct lane ahead of time. Mew couldn’t waste time thinking about crushing a cyclist’s bone on that sharp turn. Mew had a place to be.

If you make a mistake, live up to it. Go to the next light, make a right, then another right, and all is well. If you’re late, live up to it. Sorry hairdresser, I missed the turn and had to go an extra block, but I didn’t risk killing anyone so forgive me. They will and if they don’t, get a new hairdresser… or pay attention to where you’re going.

There are lines on the road for a reason. Just because you didn’t get a ticket doesn’t mean you did the right thing. You did the wrong thing. Clean up your act Mew or you’re going to be cleaning someone off the road with your “blind to lines and lanes” driving technique. Oh, by the way, we even have GoPro footage of this Hollywood maneuver. We might release it with Drivist US 2.0.


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