I’m More Important Than You

You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you? How do you measure success? Dr. Moe clearly measures success by how much attention he can garner driving through West Hollywood in his Rolls Royce. Not using any indicators, acting like you’re lost, and illegally changing lines in intersections while cutting people off of a busy Friday night means Dr. Moe had one extremely successful night.

I could be wrong, but I’d be extremely surprised to find out that Dr. Moe is an actual doctor. I highly doubt he went to school for that many years, but again, I could be totally wrong. He strikes me as either someone who inherited money, owns a fast food chain that he eats daily, or made a million dollars from a rap beat for a crappy rapper and spent half his earnings on his Rolls Royce.

Either way, we don’t have anything against Dr. Moe because his actions are helping us bring awareness to everyone! No matter how important you think you are as one singular person, you’re only as important as one other person on the road so you need to do some basic math before driving like you’re more important than anyone else. (That run-on sentence was almost as sloppy as his changing of lanes.)

I’d have to assume that you weren’t lost in West Hollywood, so unless you were impaired by some substances (in which you shouldn’t have been on the road), stop focusing on the woman in the passenger seat and start looking at the road through that massive beard and sunglasses. Thanks Dr. Moe.


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